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In the course of developing custom emulations, we contacted Color Scientists from various labs across the globe. We have tried to preserve the color response of these film stocks and maintain the beauty of film color. We have built emulations for Modern Scene Referred Workflows using different Film Profiling Techniques on DaVinci Resolve, Fusion, Nuke & Light Illusions. We also create custom project centric Negative Emulations. Besides we can extract and use only some specific parts of The Film Profile depending on your requirement

1. What is it that makes our tech so special?

Precision and Authenticity: Our technology meticulously studies and replicates the characteristics of various film stocks. This is not just a color shift but a comprehensive emulation, including how the film reacts to different colors, lights, and shadows.

Grain Structure: In addition to color, our tech also emulates the unique grain structures of specific film stocks, giving footage a tactile and organic feel that's hard to replicate.

Flexibility: Our emulation can be applied with varying intensity, allowing creators to decide how much of the filmic characteristic they want in their digital footage.

2. What is that the market doesn’t offer currently that we offer? Custom Profiles: While many offer basic film looks, we provide custom profiles tailored for specific scenes, lighting conditions, and moods.

Adaptive Algorithms: Our technology can adapt to different lighting conditions and skin tones, ensuring that the film look remains consistent across different scenes. Integrated Workflow: Instead of applying emulation as a separate step, our tech integrates with the primary color correction process, streamlining the grading workflow.

3. What is the benefit of shifting/using our tech/workflow? Consistent Aesthetics: Achieve a consistent filmic look across all your projects, making your work instantly recognizable.

Time Efficiency: With our integrated workflow, colorists can achieve desired looks faster, reducing time spent on trial and error. Artistic Freedom: By having a precise and flexible tool, creators have more freedom to experiment and hone their unique style.

4. Please list 3 key benefits of our workflow/tech:

Time-Saving: Our integrated system streamlines the color grading process, drastically reducing post-production hours.

Authenticity: Achieve genuine film aesthetics without the unpredictability and cost of actual film stocks.

Versatility: With a wide range of film stock emulations and the ability to adjust intensity, our tech is adaptable to any project, whether it's a period piece or a contemporary film.

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