Our Services


Create custom tailor-made unique looks designed by Color Scientist and our Grading team for the most demanding and creative features, commercials, and music videos. We also help you with film profiling in order to help the look development.


We shape your vision right from the early creative stage by designing some stunning looks for you to take on set so that your look is established right from the beginning. We partner and collaborate with Cinematographers, Directors pre-shoot and design SHOW LOOKS or SHOW LUTS with the main cast doing costume and makeup tests usually on one or more sets. It also helps all departments - particularly VFX on large features where there is the need to keep the color consistent and simple with one show LUT. It also gives an idea how the shots were supposed to look with the help of CDLs/Lut workflow.


Equipped with a keen eye for aesthetics and decades of experience in Grading, our artists create unparalleled visual experiences. Our foundation of Revolutionary Proprietary color science research, color management, and advanced workflows empowered with Artificial Intelligence enables us to guide you through the magical (and often, mysterious) world of light and color. The innovative approach by our R&D team helps get you the 'Next Big Thing' in Grading like AI for example in this constant evolving field.


Those who understand the value of grading and finishing have a vision of what the end product can look like in its most ultimate form. To achieve this vision, we offer Finishing Tools which are efficient and interactive. We specialize in 3D visual effects, finishing, compositing, advanced graphics, color grading, conform, editorial, and look development. Our Online team provides high-end compositing, retouching, digital matte paintings, set extensions, crowd replication, and beauty work to transform your film into the best version of itself.


Create Looks for your Pilot with us in our complimentary session. We explore all the possibilities and looks that elevate your storytelling.


GreyGrammar’s VFX Services include 2D, 3D Compositing, Dynamics, Particle Simulation, Fluids, Rig Removal, Rotoscoping, VFX Supervision for Feature Films and Television. We also specialize in Motion Graphics and Broadcast Design. Our talent is fully equipped with the latest technology that allows us to deliver seamless composites of the highest quality and standard.